Isnin, 14 Oktober 2013


Brown eyes say that you are sweet, conservative, and trustworthy. Brown eyes are typically thought of as plain and less desirable than a lighter eye color, but brown eyes are deep and loving. People look at brown eyes and think of stability and security. The darker your brown eyes, the sexier. Think of a sweet and loyal puppy's big brown eyes.

Blue eyes say that you are carefree and innocent. Blue eyes are the most desirable eye color. Blue eyes are a recessive gene so natural baby blues are becoming scarce. The most popular contact color is blue. Since blue eyes are lighter than other eye colors, they attract more attention. People look at blue eyes and think of eternal youth. The term baby blues came about from the fact that all babies are born with dark blue eyes. They change color within a few weeks.

Green eyes say that you are sexy, mysterious, and feisty. Green eyes are very rare and instantly hypnotize anyone who gazes into them. People look at green eyed individuals as untrustworthy and sly. Green eyes are classified as a feline feature. Felines are sleek, sexy, and sneaky. Green eyes are definitely the sexiest of all eye colors. Every eye color typically has just a hint of green mixed in with their main eye color, but having green eyes is extra special.

Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green. Hazel eyes say that you are spontaneous, fun loving, and friendly. If there is more brown your hazel eyes are, the more approachable you seem to others. The more green they are, the more mischievous you will seem. Haze eyes are a real treat because they tend to change color depending on your mood. People look at hazel eyes and think of unpredictability and fun.



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